Established in 2016, vivid 90s was founded as a modern eyewear and clothing page on Depop. Initially there was no direction and mostly had new modern generic designs, but after traveling around Southern California visiting hundreds of thrift stores, you will find that behind the cashier counters you will find some of the most unique vintage eyewear designs. Somewhat of a lightbulb "what if" moment, I wondered how dope it would be if I integrated my interest in old furniture aesthetics to mesh with my musical interest, my love for skateboarding, as well as interest in 90s fashion, I began to seek locations that would have that vibe and realized how impossibly niche that type of product is and returned to selling generic eyewear. Once I rode the 2018 wave of the " Clout Kurt Cobain Inspired Cloud"  shaped glasses, I learned that the supplier was getting rid of their unused "trash" items in the warehouse through a composter and destroying them.


After digging through the piles of hundreds and thousands of "Trash" pairs, and learning that the products are actually unopened deadstock gorgeous late 80s-Late 90s true vintage designs, I created the Vivid_90s brand. All of my vivid 90s deadstock eyewear originate from unopened shipping containers shoved away for 20-30 years of storage packed in soggy, waterlogged, spider web infested, dust bunny integrated, moldy boxes in which I revive through UV treatment, disinfection and repurposement.


The shop is a single person owned business, the process involves disinfectation, complete submersion in solution, UV treatment, reframing, and post frame mold reshaping. Each pair sent is carefully reshaped prior to shipping. Please note during peak months for eyewear such as summer/holidays, shipping will be a bit delayed due to the spike in orders so please be aware of slowdowns. Reach out if you have any questions or inquiries whatsoever. 


Stay icy and expand your horizons and see what I see through these tiny damn lenses


- Dom

founder of vivid 90s

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