Authentic Vintage Sunglasses

4 pairs of tortoise oval 1990s deadstock vintage sunglasses laid flat


Deadstock sunglasses? What is that even? Well if you grew up or lived through the 90s to y2k transition into to new millennia, or if you're into vintage fashion, chances are you've seen how dope fashion was/is in all categories. From plastic geometric, narrow, mod style shades mostly mixed with neutrals and 'Americana' style outfits, essentialized by contemporary and minimalist fashion, to steel wire industrial grunge themed frames inspired by sport, street and rave wear, the list continues into realms still being explored today. 

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Hi, Vivid 90s! I’m Maegan and a huge fan of your eyewear. I am reaching out in hopes to learn more about your next campaign project, as I would love to be a part of it.

Talk soon,
Maegan Dooley

Maegan Dooley

Hi, I was wondering when my order (#2166) would ship? I placed the order 2 weeks ago


Can these be made into prescription??

Kathie McCloud

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